Watch Guide

Thank you for choosing to study with us on the platform! Once payment is made you will immediately have access to the course. The following suggestions will help you to get the most from your course experience:

  • Create a login id for yourself and keep it handy. All your courses can be seen at this login.
  • Access will be available on one device only, so choose whichever will be the best for your ease of use. A laptop is recommended for the best learning experience as there will sometimes be text or diagrams shown onscreen. For other devices, you can access your library using this web app through browser of your device.
  • Access to each course will be for three complete views. Therefore, as in any classroom situation, get set up and prepared with everything you need before beginning to watch. It is suggested to use subsequent views to clarify points made or to go a little deeper in your understanding once some time has passed.
  • Some courses have additional materials, diagrams, charts, or handouts in pdf form which may be downloaded. If you have an opportunity you might print out any pdfs/course materials so that they are handy for note-taking during the course.
  • For the best learning experience it is recommended to complete just one session of a course per day, allowing time to rest, ponder, and process in-between. In other words, it is not recommended to binge-watch!
  • Some instructors allow for questions or comments in a forum. Feel free to avail this if you have any questions, but kindly be patient for a response. We’ll respond to you as quickly as we can.
  • If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on the platform, you may email us at: [email protected]
  • Enjoy the course!