Ayurveda: An Introduction

Learn the basic principles and theories of Ayurveda, the ancient science of life

Instructor: Dr. Vishnu P.R.
Language: English
Course Duration: 3.5 hours


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Ayurveda, traced to around 6,000 BCE, is considered to be a sister science of Yoga. Many of the concepts of Ayurveda have existed since the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Therefore, many students of Yoga wish to learn about and integrate its teachings in their life and practice. Ayurveda is a complete science of life that teaches one about healthy living. It aims to protect and maintain health throughout life. It also aims to cure diseases, disorders, and imbalances in the body and mind. Similar to Yoga, Ayurveda has as its goal the attainment of Moksha or eternal bliss, salvation.

In this course you will develop an understanding of the basic principles of Ayurveda, the Pancha Mahabhoota Siddantha or theory of the five elements, and Tridosa Siddantha, the theory of the three humors. These theories are taught with humour and real-world examples by Dr. Vishnu. You will learn more about yourself and how to maintain good health, as well as gain some insight into the importance of lifestyle and daily habits in the practice of yoga.

The course includes 3.5 hours total of instruction, over 5 modules.

This course is appropriate for all. No prior knowledge of Ayurveda or Yoga is required. Downloadable charts, notes, and diagrams are available with each module.

Dr. Vishnu
Dr. Vishnu P.R. has an MD in Panchakarma and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. He is the Resident Doctor of the Sivananda Institute of Health (SIH) in India, overseeing hospital operations and teaching Ayurvedic courses. He has developed many introductory and advanced theoretical and massage therapy courses. His works have been featured in leading Indian Ayurveda publications.

Module 1:


Module 2:


Module 3:

Agni & Ama

Module 4:

6 Tastes / Shad Rasa

Module 5:

Panchakarma and Q&A